We are a team of dedicated, talented and passionate professionals.

Our founders and team have a long history of working internationally with private and public healthcare service providers and pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise is in patient-centric digital healthcare solutions. Noona was born out of the need for clinics to increase efficiency – while empowering patients and improving care quality.

Helsinki Office

We don’t have colleagues in this field from this office.

Jani Ahonala

Global Head of Business Development, Life Sciences

jani.ahonala@varian.com +358 40 583 7377

Pasi Heiskanen

EU Head of Software Engineering, Life Sciences

pasi.heiskanen@varian.com +358 45 678 6970

Lauri Aaltonen

Tech Lead, Patient Portal

lauri.aaltonen@varian.com +358 50 354 9205

Aki Alapiha

UX Engineer

Aki Alapiha +358 45 145 8699

Marvin Arcilla

Software Developer, Clinic Portal

marvin.arcilla@varian.com +358 40 658 6931

Éva Bakacs

Visual Designer

eva.bakacs@varian.com +358 46 922 3249

Amandine Boudra

Quality Assurance Lead

amandine.boudra@varian.com +358 40 747 1600

Ahmed Elagami

Software Developer, Clinic Portal

ahmed.elagami@varian.com +358 40 658 3421

Siiri Eljaala

Scientific Specialist

siiri.eljaala@varian.com +358 41 516 6517

Nathaniel Ham

Software Developer, Interoperability & DevOps

nathaniel.ham@varian.com +358 45 669 7972

Payam Hossaini

Automation Tester

payam.hossaini@varian.com +358 50 486 2101

Joel Järvinen

Tech Lead, Clinic Portal

joel.jarvinen@varian.com +358 40 464 1992

Johannes Juolahti

Product Specialist

johannes.juolahti@varian.com +358 50 431 9734

Markus Kullberg

Software Developer, Pharma Study Platform

markus.kullberg@varian.com +358 40 584 7342

Antti Laatikainen

Chief Information Security Officer


Sanni Lyytinen

Office Manager

sanni.lyytinen@varian.com +358 50 536 5060

Mari Metso-Lintula

Medical Director

mari.metso-lintula@varian.com +358 44 515 9842

Julie Pronzac

UX Designer

julie.pronzac@varian.com +358 40 647 2834

Robert Richter

Tech Lead, Pharma Study Platform

robert.richter@varian.com +358 40 653 0372

Joana Sales

Software Tester

joana.sales@varian.com +358 40 357 0166

Juha Salonen

Head of Design

juha.salonen@varian.com +358 44 328 6944

Dino Väärä

Tech Lead, Interoperability & DevOps

dino.vaara@varian.com +358 40 138 1422

Mariia Zagumennova

Marketing Coordinator

mariia.zagumennova@varian.com +358 45 156 6005

Munich Office

We don’t have colleagues in this field from this office.

Dominik Boeke

Head of Pharma Partnership

dominik.boeke@varian.com +49 151 11358451

Thomas Geuenich

Head of Life Sciences Research Europe

thomas.geuenich@varian.com +49 178 5566038

Maria Korpela

Head of Implementation & Customer Service Europe

maria.korpela@varian.com +49 151 113 58466

Claudia Liebl

Implementation Specialist

claudia.liebl@varian.com +49 151 11358453

Stefan Resch

Head of Clinic Network

stefan.resch@varian.com +49 151 11358452

Palo Alto Office

We don’t have colleagues in this field from this office.

Claudio D’Ambrosio, PhD

Head of Business Development, Life Sciences

claudio.dambrosio@varian.com +44 77 69 50 6807

Veera Hellen

Head of Customer Engagement US

veera.hellen@varian.com +1 781 540 4366

Sukhveer Singh

Vice President, Cancer Care Management


Our scientific advisors

Dr. Neal E. Rothschild

Chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology at 
Good Samaritan Medical Center

Dr. William C. Rupp

VP, Mayo Clinic

Dr. George Sledge

Professor, and Chief, Division of Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center

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Lester E. Wold

M.D., Professor of Pathology

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Dr. Kavitha Ramchandran

Assistant Professor, Stanford Medicine

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Dr. Johanna Mattson

Director, Helsinki University Hospital´s Comprehensive Cancer Center

Become a member of our quickly growing team!

This is a unique opportunity if you are looking for more meaningfulness to your professional life. You will have a chance to take part in personalizing cancer care in ways that improve patients´ lives while saving hospital resources. In addition to cancer centers our clients are Pharmaceutical companies and researchers who use Noona to better understand how novel cancer treatments affect patients’ lives and their recovery.

On top of a great job, we offer You a competitive salary, a casual work atmosphere, amazing colleagues and the opportunity to work with things that really matter. Our customers are top experts on cancer care and research as well as forward looking hospital Technology Directors that look for new ways to improve healthcare through digitization.


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