We are a team of dedicated, talented and passionate professionals.

Our founders and team have a long history of working internationally with private and public healthcare service providers and pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise is in patient-centric digital healthcare solutions. Noona was born out of the need for clinics to increase efficiency – while empowering patients and improving care quality.

Our scientific advisors

Dr. George Sledge

Professor, and Chief, Division of Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center

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Dr. Ethan Basch

Director of Cancer Research Program and Professor in UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Medicine

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Dr. Kavitha Ramchandran

Assistant Professor, Stanford Medicine

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Dr. Johanna Mattson

Director, Helsinki University Hospital´s Comprehensive Cancer Center

Our investors

Ekaterina Gianelli

Board Member, Investment Director at Inventure

ekaterina@inventure.fi +358 44 317 3470
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Matthijs Blokhuis

Managing Director Noaber Ventures

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Katrin Geyskens

Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners

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Become a member of our quickly growing team!

This is a unique opportunity if you are looking for more meaningfulness to your professional life. You will have a chance to take part in personalizing cancer care in ways that improve patients´ lives while saving hospital resources. In addition to cancer centers our clients are Pharmaceutical companies and researchers who use Noona to better understand how novel cancer treatments affect patients’ lives and their recovery.

On top of a great job, we offer You a competitive salary, a casual work atmosphere, amazing colleagues and the opportunity to work with things that really matter. Our customers are top experts on cancer care and research as well as forward looking hospital Technology Directors that look for new ways to improve healthcare through digitization.


Open positions