High patient engagement

Our design philosophy is simple, we want to offer cancer clinics a service that patient's love and makes them feel safe. Noona provides patients´ a better and faster access to care when it is needed. It also offers piece of mind and guidance on the patient journey.

Patient's don't need any help from nurses when they start to use Noona. All they need is email address and internet access with any device. Noona is been designed for elderly people, so age is no issue – the average age of our users is 64 years and the oldest user is 95 years old.


Noona is patients’ big sister

Noona is a Korean word – it means “big sister” or “elderly woman who is taking good care of you”. This is something we believe that every person needs when he or she faces cancer. We thought that there are enough academic online survey tools in this world so we wanted to do things differently.