Noona is a mobile service that guides
breast cancer patients through recovery

Easy symptom reporting for patients

Noona enables patients to report their treatment or illness-related symptoms direct to their clinic via mobile phone, tablet or computer. Noona is a CE-marked medical software and it’s intuitive, well-structured forms have been designed in collaboration with leading experts. Patients independently monitor the development of their symptoms in their convenient Noona diary. Noona makes patients feel more secure as they have a continuous link with their clinic – right in their pocket.

Intelligent and safe monitoring for clinics

Noona makes monitoring cancer patient wellbeing and recovery faster and safer. The system provides clinics with comprehensive information about patient diagnosis and treatment. Clinics are able to allocate resources to the patients most in need. Noona alerts clinical staff when a patient’s individual situation becomes acute and requires rapid response. When a patient reports non-acute symptoms, Noona provides self-care instructions minimizing clinic workload. Physicians can instantly access a detailed and comprehensive picture of how patient wellbeing is evolving. This helps improve the quality of care planning and increases patient satisfaction.

Real-time analytics improve operations

The data and analytics tools provided by Noona give cancer clinics new opportunities to improve their effectiveness. Noona’s dashboard presents a clear overall picture of clinics’ key performance indicators. Decision makers can track the development of their patients’ wellbeing, process turnaround times, service request response times, and the effectiveness of treatments. Noona’s unique high quality analysis enables smarter operations – based on real-time data on patient experience.

Secure integration with clinic systems

Noona is a reliable, secure and compliant web-based service. Security is built into the core of the system architecture, including application level controls, data in-transit and data in-rest encryption, firewalls and audit logging. Noona is developed according to industry standards and best practices. Noona is a Class 1 medical device (software) and CE-marked in Europe. Noona integrates seamlessly into cancer clinic systems and processes. Data flow is secure and clinical staff are able to efficiently handle ongoing contact with large patient volumes.

What’s next?

Cancer patients and clinics have the potential to use Noona to help scientists as they develop new cancer therapies. Noona produces digital data combined with patient diagnosis, treatment and genetic information. This information can facilitate new understanding of medical, surgical and radiation treatments, and their effectiveness for different patients. In future, Noona will form the world’s largest database of the evolving wellbeing of cancer patients and their recovery from illness. Our vision is that Noona will be a treasure trove of information for cancer researchers.