Real-world evidence studies

Patient-reported outcome (PROs) data has been the missing link in real-world evidence studies and decision making in oncology. It has the potential to become one of the new driving forces in cancer treatment decision making and improve personalized and efficient cancer care delivery.

PROs data collected with Noona complements traditional clinical trials and can be used in service of regulatory and clinical oncology decision making. It generates better understanding of patient populations that typically doesn´t join the clinical trials.

Noona´s PROs data can be used to track utilization, effectiveness, and safety in the transition from clinical trials to real-world care after regulatory approval. Noona helps researchers to better examine the effectiveness of approved treatments used in the off-label setting. It can also be used to estimate different risks that patient might face.

  • Confirm the benefits for new indications to support a label expansion
  • Optimize clinical use to support label revisions
  • Meet requirements for post-marketing information and for safety monitoring


Clinical Trials

Understanding patients’ symptom and physical functioning experience is vital to appreciating the properties of new cancer treatments. An increasing number of therapies offer equivalent survival benefits, however, there may be major differences in the severity and type of adverse events or in the way the drug affects patient functioning. Building on safety, efficacy, and health economics data, PROs further inform decision-making by contributing evidence that is reflective of the patient experience. PROs will provide valuable information regarding the risk–benefit profile of novel agents in oncology.

Noona provides researchers high quality PROs data and tool which is easy to customize for clinical trials and that patient´s love to use. Noona helps patients to document their own experiences during treatment to provide more complete and accurate information about symptomatic side effects that are associated with new drugs or treatment regimens.


Noona Research Network

We are true believers of networking and partnering in Oncology research. Noona is building a network of academic researchers, Pharma, associations, other technology companies and healthcare payers to collect and analyse real-world PROs data to innovate cancer care. The purpose of the network is to design and execute PROs studies and exchange experiences on how to successfully implement PROs in clinical practice. We also help researchers to find funding for their innovative Oncology focused PROs study ideas from our industry partners.

We are arranging researcher meetings in both Europe and US. The next meeting will be held in Zurich on February 8th 2018. Our keynote speaker is Professor Ethan Basch from UNC, who is also Noona´s Scientific Advisor. If you are interested of our network and events please contact: anni.karjala (@) noona.com


Noona’s PROs Database

Thought data-sharing practices in healthcare have changed for the better, far too many companies, cancer centers and community hospitals continue to hold on to and not share valuable patient data for research purposes with each other. Noona´s vision is to build a large digital database of PROs Oncology data that can be shared with every industry and academic member of our research network. It will provide unique insights on how patient´s manage their daily lives during treatment period and what helps them to recover from cancer.

Our five key interest areas for building the PROs database are:

  • Evaluate short- and long-term toxicity of immuno-therapies
  • Improve treatment adherence
  • Plan better personalized and tolerated treatment combination for individual patients
  • Share the best practices to improve the quality of clinical care in Oncology
  • Design value based pricing models for Oncology