Privacy Notice

We developed Noona to help patients throughout their treatment and recovery. When you trust us with your personal data, we want to ensure that you can do so with the confidence that we will be worthy of that trust. To help you make informed decisions regarding your personal data, we have summarized our approach to data protection in five key principles below.

Our full Privacy Notice explains in further detail how we process your personal data when we provide Noona to you and your healthcare provider.


You are in charge

We believe you should be in control over the personal data you provide to us. We want you to decide how your personal data is used and with whom it is shared.

We want to ensure that you have the ability to decide how your personal data is stored, used and shared. In Noona you choose:

  • When and with whom you share your personal data.
  • Whether to give or decline consent for scientific research. We process your personal data for
    scientific research purposes only if you decide to give your explicit consent for such
    processing and only in accordance with your consent.

You can change your mind anytime: You can change your decisions concerning how your personal data is stored, used and shared at any time.



We are committed to being transparent about the personal data we process and we believe it is important for you to understand how your personal data is managed and protected. To ensure this, we want to define clear and understandable principles for the use of your personal data and make these easily accessible in clear and plain language.

Our Privacy Notice describes our commitment to protect your privacy and our compliance with applicable data protection laws and fair information principles. You can read more here.

When you have asked us to share personal data with your healthcare provider, we follow the instructions of your healthcare provider when processing personal data on behalf of your healthcare provider. You can receive additional information on how your healthcare provider processes your personal data by contacting your healthcare provider.


Privacy by Design

We believe you have the right to expect that your personal data is processed in a fair manner. We have therefore taken great care to ensure that your privacy is considered throughout the development of Noona, from start to finish. We call this Privacy by Design.

Privacy by Design means for us that we:

  • Do not disclose your personal data to others without your permission.
  • Strive to provide you with functionalities that are user friendly and enable you to effectively
    exercise your rights to your personal data.
  • Promote choices and policies that empower you to make informed decisions with respect to your personal data.



Your personal data deserves a high level of security to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

We maintain a comprehensive information security program designed to protect your personal data using administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

The specific security measures we use are based on the sensitivity of the personal data we process. We have measures in place to protect against inappropriate access, loss, misuse, or alteration of personal data processed in Noona.

It is also important for you to guard against unauthorized access to your data by maintaining strong passwords and protecting against the unauthorized use of your own device.


Managing our Service Providers

To enable us to provide Noona to you, we collaborate with data storage and other service providers that meet and commit to our standards.

We use service providers that are leading companies within their respective fields and have extensive experience.

We perform careful assessments of our service providers to ensure that they meet the requirements we place on data protection and data security. To ensure that the service providers are committed to these requirements, we enter into written agreements with all of our service providers.