PRO´s data collection

With Noona cancer patients report their adverse events, symptoms, satisfaction, quality of life, mental health and wellbeing online. Noona consists of 15 modules that are tailored for different cancer types to optimally measure the most relevant parameters in the patient´s condition during and after the treatment period. We only use validated questionnaires that are designed for cancer care. All questionnaires and modules are easy to customize. Noona can also be easily integrated to most of the wearables to measure the vital signals of patient´s body like physical activity, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.

Noona only collects the data that is relevant for the individual’s treatment management and recovery support. The frequency of sending the questionnaires is optimized for each individual depending on their preferences, treatment cycles, stage of the disease and online user behavior.


Personalized treatment

Noona's is helping nurses and physicians to better understand the needs and preferences of individual patients. It provides healthcare professionals with a holistic summary of the patients’ wellbeing and treatments toxicity over time, which streamlines treatment planning and enables more personalized support.

The summary includes detailed and actionable information of symptoms, quality of life, activity level, general wellbeing, satisfaction and mental health.


Automated interventions

Noona's unique Triage System is based on smart algorithms that has been developed with the leading cancer clinics and university hospitals in Europe and US. With Noona, the medical team can automatically identify and predict acute symptoms and target patients in need of immediate care. Noona gives also alerts to patients in acute cases and directs them to visit hospital or emergency room. When less severe symptoms are present, the medical team can give patients self-care and monitoring instructions via Noona to avoid unneeded hospital visits.


Outcome analysis

Noona's analytics is helping cancer clinics to better understand how well their patients are doing and how satisfied they are. By identifying potential challenges in the treatment journey with certain patient groups Noona enables clinics to improve the quality of care, patient experience and productivity from diagnoses to survivorship phase. It gives hospital management a holistic and real-time view of their service level. Noona also provides an opportunity to benchmark with other cancer clinics.