PRO´s data collection

Patient reported outcomes data collection trough Noona is easy: filling the questionnaires takes only a few minutes. If the patient is feeling exhausted, their close ones can fill the questionnaire. Thus, Noona has one of the lowest rates of missing data in the industry.


Supported decision making

Noona provides clinicians a novel source of real time, high-quality data. As patients report their symptoms systematically, clinicians obtain a holistic view on how the patients are doing outside the hospital. This data has been previously missing from cancer care.

Noona provides the health care professionals a compact symptom report on a regular basis. The report contains the most relevant information on the patients’ condition, as reported by them. With this well-presented information, clinicians are able to make better treatment decisions and the patient’s voice becomes heard.


Automated interventions

Automated interventions in Noona are safe, and help save the valuable time of health care professionals. Noona provides automated interventions for mild and easily treatable symptoms. This reduces the health care professionals’ workload, as the number of phone calls and visits to the clinic due to minor symptoms are reduced. Noona analyzes the outcomes of these interventions. If they worsen or turn severe, Noona alerts the clinic.


Outcome analysis

Trough Noona, outcome analysis is taken to a whole new level. For the first time, the impact of cancer on patients’ functionality, or health-related quality of life can be analyzed in detail. This detailed analysis can be used to better evaluate the efficacy and side effects of different treatments in clinical work.