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Co-founders’ story – My three reasons for working at Noona

I often get asked what fascinates me about developing oncology care solutions for patients. Founding and scaling a business never comes easy. It is helpful to have proper motivators behind to go through the growth years.

I started this business with my co-founding partner Jani Ahonala. “Noona” was born out of the need for clinics to increase efficiency – while empowering patients and improving quality of care. 

Varian acquired us towards the end of 2018. As a result, what we have been able to focus even better in the development of the software helping patients, improving clinical efficiency and patient outcomes. 

What fascinates me about my work at Varian

#1 Meeting cancer patients face-to-face and hearing how our technology has impacted their day-to-day life during cancer treatment

What truly drives me is the way we can offer technology to help cancer patients to live their daily lives while undergoing cancer therapies and recovering from the disease.

In our product philosophy, the patient is in the center, and the same is true for Varian’s new company level strategy. This shared value was one of the main reasons why we decided to go ahead and join Varian a year ago. 

This mutual philosophy is true not only in the CEO’s message to Wall Street but in how it guides our decisions in business and product development every day. There is no better reward than meeting a patient face-to-face and hearing about the support she has felt with our software during her care.

#2 Helping cancer research by bringing the patient voice to drug research

The second thing that fascinates me is how our work shapes the way cancer care is delivered in hospitals and cancer clinics across the world. We are quantifying patient experience into real-world evidence and feeding that information back to care-teams.

Our work helps care-teams to understand each patient’s situation better and becoming proactive in managing patient symptoms and therapy. The same applies to cancer research. Real-world evidence collected by our solution is actively used to understand how the latest drugs affect a patient’s wellbeing.

It’s incredible to me how we can help cancer research by bringing the patient voice to drug research results while giving a tool for patients and their care teams to understand each other.

#3 End of the day everything is about people

What I also enjoy in my work is how we combine our skills globally at Varian to serve our customers. We currently have teams in five locations in Europe and the US. Our efforts to deliver our service to hospitals and patients, as well as to improve the product based on customer insights, are fully synchronised across our locations.

I feel Varian is a truly Global company. There is such a vast interest in our software in countries like China and India, and I am excited about our next expansions!

I know the meaning of work differs between people. And not all workplaces can offer such a compelling purpose of work to their employees as we can. Cancer impacts most of us directly or indirectly. The opportunity to use our professional skills and capabilities to help cancer patients is a huge calling for me as well as the other team members here at Varian.

What gives me most joy every day as a co-founder of the former Noona Healthcare is my team and colleagues. It’s hard to beat that feeling when you founded a company with such a significant purpose and found others who took that purpose and made it their own. We share everyday experiences in all aspects and have so much fun together. I feel these people are a part of my family.

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