Noona in the spotlight in Paris

With major healthcare reforms and a new cancer plan on the drawing board, cancer care in France is facing huge transitions in the near future. Noona was invited to speak at one of the biggest cancer care events in Paris and found a new set of potential partners.

A quick glance at the program for the two day seminar reveals around which topics the debate is going to revolve. The policymakers of the French healthcare system – often cited as the best in the world – have no intention of relying on past achievements. Instead the debate around the planned healthcare reform of 2017 and the cancer plan of 2019 has provoked a tense atmosphere that is almost tangible at the venue.

A major trend is the centralization of treatment to fewer cancer centers, which in turn leads to huge challenges in arranging long-term follow-up to the rising numbers of cancer survivors. One model to tackle this challenge is to organize dedicated regional networks of primary care physicians to take responsibility of cancer patient surveillance over time. “The fact that some of the most renowned cancer centers in all of Europe took an interest in Noona was of course very rewarding, but we have also identified a completely new segment of potential partner organizations that could play an important part on our journey,” says Thomas Holm after the first negotiations.

The second dominating discussion has to do with the challenge of financing novel cancer treatments. “Faced with the promise of novel treatments, namely immunotherapies, we need to improve in identifying patients who benefit from treatments and those who doesn’t”, says Thomas Holm of Noona Healthcare: “Platforms such as Noona, allow us shift focus from traditional clinical trials that are conducted in a controlled setting to real world trials, where we can witness how individual treatments affect patients’ wellbeing in real life.”

Noona was invited to speak at Les Rencontres de la Cancérologie Française (RCFr) held in Paris on December 15th and 16th. RCFr is a think tank to advance cancer care in the country and Noona actively took part in the debate. RCFr brings together over 500 healthcare professionals, hospital directors, policy makers and industry representatives from all over France.

May 29th 2020

We hire for purpose 1

We hire for purpose

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May 29th 2020

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Varian in Finland

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March 19th 2020

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March 05th 2020

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Co-founders’ story – My three reasons for working at Noona

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July 03rd 2019

Varian to Provide Mobile Technology to Cancer Patients Across Tennessee

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February 15th 2019

Varian Demonstrating Smarter Cancer Care Solutions at HIMSS19

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Varian (NYSE: VAR) today announced it will be demonstrating a portfolio of smarter cancer care software solutions, February 12-14 in Orlando, FL at HIMS...

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