Patient-reported outcomes

The missing link in Oncology

Noona is a smart cloud-based mobile service designed to capture patient-reported outcomes in Oncology. We connect cancer clinics with their patients online to improve survival and save clinical resources.

See how Noona works in cancer care

Improve survival and save clinical resources with smart mobile symptom tracking

Systematic remote monitoring of cancer patients’ symptoms, wellbeing and quality of life will help the care teams to predict complications and relapses in much earlier phase than before. Noona provides cancer clinics a smart and modern platform to move toward proactive treatment management which has potential to improve survival with many months and decrease hospitalization and emergency room visits. Want to know more?

Noona is designed for clinical practice in Oncology

Noona is designed to support the everyday work of nurses and physicians in cancer care. It assists them to ensure the safe, effective, and productive treatment of patients at all times by making the patient monitoring more efficient and meaningful. Noona´s smart algorithms are helping care teams to identify and predict acute symptoms and focus on patients in need of immediate care based on patient-reported data. Noona´s modular structure makes it easy to integrate to the clinical workflow without major time investments from the care team.

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Smart

We put the user experience first in everything what we do. Intuitive, Easy to Use and Smart – those are the key promises to our users. This is why we have the highest patient engagement rates in the industry. Over 92 % of our cancer patient users are fully engaged to report their symptoms, quality of life and wellbeing during the active treatment period as required. That's how we can take the cancer clinics patient experience to a new level.

Smart algorithms help cancer clinics to allocate resources more wisely

Too many cancer patients are visiting emergency room during their active treatment period. Also, many patients are contacting the clinic too late – they are already facing serious complications and the treatment needs to be stopped. Noona´s unique Triage System is being developed to tackle this challenges with the leading cancer clinics and university hospitals in Europe and US. Read more: Want to know more?

Noona in cancer research – analyzing clinical outcomes in oncology

Noona provides researchers a missing link to oncology – patient-reported outcomes data from the real-world. We help researchers, Pharma and insurance companies to better understand how cancer treatments are affecting patients’ lives and make a shift toward more outcome based pricing model in cancer care.

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